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Angie Tanaja is an educator who vigorously voiced the importance of education balanced with self-identification. He believes that education is the main capital for achieving a happy life.

Angie Tanaja believes that every human being has his or her own talent and calling to contribute to the advancement of the world. However, the parent’s mindset in Indonesia about education that emphasizing on achieving high academic score with no activities that support the exploration of students’ self potential in the real life, making students’ creativity to die and they are taught to become robots. Whereas human beings are intelligent creatures who are able to find their own happiness without much guidance. All they need is time for trial and error, in trying to align their potential with the needs of the world.

How can they contribute to the world if they never have time to interact with the real world?

Through this website, Angie Tanaja strives vigorously in providing an online learning service that aims to enable students to manage their time more flexibly so they can save their time to explore the hidden potential within them. At the end of the day, Angie Tanaja believes that when students have found their true calling, they will be grateful that their life feels perfect and full of happiness after a long and sometimes painful trial and error process. Indeed, no pain no gain.



Angie Tanaja provides high school students with online teaching material on a FREE or Paid-membership website


Angie Tanaja provides off-line classroom for students to interact with classmates and their tutor.


One-on-One teaching with student across the globe. Distance is not an issue to obtain high quality learning experience.